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Optimize your recovery through evidence based technology


EMG biofeedback Tool

We use wearable EMG that gets placed on any muscle group to track your muscle activation while you exercise + recover. The device uses safe adhesives that are applied onto your skin. 


Small wearable that fits anywhere on your body for any muscle group


Track precise movements to truly gain insights on your muscle activation

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Access to your MSK health at the touch of your fingertips

We track live biometric data through our app which provides insights on how your muscles are working realtime. This enables you to correct your exercise form + monitor rep by rep muscle activity.


Realtime data to track your progress.


Gamified experience throughout therapy and beyond.


Common Use Cases for Product

Kinesiology Taping

Post - op knee surgery

Help monitor patients recovering from total knee surgery from Day 1 of rehab.


Lower Back Pain

Provide insight on how patients back + stabilizing muscles are recovering overtime to monitor improvement.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Neurological Injuries

Showcase precise muscle activation for patients recovery from stroke, Parkinson Disease, and other neurological injuries

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