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We provide clarity to your muscle health

We help physical therapists build an evidence based practice through continous monitoring of patient progress

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Step one: Attach 

Attach the device onto the desired muscle group to start tracking muscle activity.

Small Wearables

Bluetooth connectivity

Monitors even the smallest muscle groups around your body


Step two: Exercise

Start the recording button and see how well your muscles are firing on a rep by rep basis. Monitor muscle strength + fatigue to show how your muscles are working throughout the session.

Live biometric feedback

Track how your muscles are working

Use objective data to guide your training


Our Customers

Sports Injury

Physical Therapy Patients

 We understand physical therapy can be painful but necessary, patients can use our technology to guide themselves through pt and visualize the entire recovery process.

Gym Workout

Weekend Warriors

 All athletes deserve to know how well their muscles are performing throughout their fitness journey.

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